Cycling is fun. It allows you to get some fresh air cool breeze and is also one of the best cardio exercises. All you need is a bicycle, and you are ready to start with. however there’s a flaw, and it is the not availability of proper space where we can carry over essential items with us birthday is the solution to it you can always use panniers  

 I’m going to give you some detailed information about the best pannier backpacks available in the market and how you can know, oh which one is better for you, 

 A pannier backpack is a tool that can help you in many ways, specifically when you decide to travel for a long distance; it allows you to keep your essential items with you. A pannier’s shape is like a basket or a small box in which you can keep your things while traveling generally; we use paneer along with a bicycle.  

For attaching a pannier here with a bicycle are you need to go through the following steps- 

1. First of all, you have to locate the rear rack on your bicycle  

2. After that, you need to place the hooks of the bag in the rack of the bicycle  

3. You need to push the pins till they clip into the appropriate place  

4. Secure the center clip by Rotating the nail on the backside of the bag till it secures the bag to the rear rack.   

5. Prepare the top strap by Passing the strap up through the bottom side of the rear rack, through the handle of the bag, and over to the top of the pack. The belt must pass over a rung on the backside of the frame.  

Nowadays, many companies are manufacturing waterproof panniers. These panniers are most suitable if you want to travel in the rainy season so that the items inside the panniers are protected from water damage. The bicycle panniers make it easy to carry a lot of stuff that is too bulky. a bicycle pannier should possess some good qualities like  –

Good qualities of Panniers

1.Good looking, stylish  

2.It should be waterproof   

3.large enough so that we can carry a laptop  

4. It should not cause any hindrance for the disc brake  

5.It should not be too big because it can provide a lot of obstacles while peddling   

6.Durability – how durable is it  

First, Ensure the size and dimensions, prices, and weight all add to your personal needs and requirements.  

 Panniers have the edge over a regular backpack. Because pioneers are more comfortable and there is no sweating if we use pannier, unlike an everyday bag, we get a lot of sweating, especially in the summer season months.  

Pannier has a larger capacity as compared to a regular backpack. Furthermore, you can add more than one paneer along with your bicycle.  

Touring bikes have longer chain stays, and they are usually tough and rigid due to these reasons. Touring bikes are a great combination with paniers, but you can use them also with other bikes.  

I have tried and tested multiple panniers in previous years, and I came up with a top pannier list, which is best in their league.  


Best panniers in the market –










Ortlieb back roller city panniers – the brand ORTLIEB has a strong reputation in the field of cycling and biking accessories. Their Panniers are stylish. They have 3 M Scotch light reflectors on both sides for optimum visibility during the night. These panniers are also waterproof, and they are easy to clean. This pannier looks exceptionally clean even after long journeys. Its dimensions are 16 inches tall and 9 inches wide.  

Ibera Quick-Release All Weather Bike Pannier  

This type of pannier is quite handy if you use it frequently, just like your ordinary carrybacks because they have a very convenient clip-on system. This pannier comes with many compartments by which you can easily stay organized. This pannier has a rain cover, making it waterproof that prevents damage and protects against all-weather situations. They can hold almost 20 pounds of weight.  

Carradice Originals– The carradice original panniers give a vi, vintage style, that is rare nowadays that looks charming and amazing on every bike for any adventure. These panniers have a stiff, rigid box. The carradice originals pannier have a maximum capacity of 32 Liters.   

The carradice panniers have a large main compartment and a single side compartment, too, and it comes with a stylish buckle, and it is perfect for holding our phone, wallet, or bottle of water. The 3M reflective strip on either side are present which helps to increase our bike’s visibility for extra safety when riding at night.  

BV LARGE POCKET BIKE PANTHER: The BV large pocket bike panther panniers are quite affordable and stylish and offer a lot of space for items to carry. The panniers are quite big and offer us almost 26 Liters of total capacity between the two. All the panniers constitute one largemouth compartment, and that is perfect for storing more oversized items. These panniers also feature a 3M Scotchlite reflector on either side to increase your safety while riding at night. 


The Blackburn local cooler saddlebags are exceptionally unique and can be used at any time of day, any trip, any picnic, or even your supermarket trip. The feature that makes this pannier in our top list is because they are insulated entirely and will keep our edible items and drinks cold and hot as it was earlier. These Blackburn panniers are used with all the bikes, and they also have a simple connection system, which makes them unique. Two panniers are attached to them; unlike many singular models, the attachment helps keep them stable and secure And makes them easy to use and carry. 


 The company Bushwhacker manufactured these pannier racks unambiguously for grocery shopping, where they are used as a full sized grocery bag at its maximum capacity. Bushwhacker grocery baskets are also useful for storing other essential items for our daily use as well. Both convenient panniers are unlike many others because they are not bags but instead feature an open-top basket design and rigid. 

They have a stiff and rigid rectangular structure. These panniers are easy to attach with the two metal hooks and the extra bungee hook. These baskets can easily fold flat for storage purposes when they are not in use. 


 Arkel pannier features a unique design that you won’t find anywhere else in the market. This pannier converts from a bike pannier into a standard-sized backpack in seconds, which again makes it great for any daily usage, including trips to class, work, the park, the gym, and the supermarket. This Arkel bag pannier is stylish, and it has useful features too, like – neon green reflective material for safety and visibility while riding in low light. 


Expensive than other panniers in the list and unique and luxurious features are manufactured in Italy, crafted from the highest quality water-resistant material by hand. Accented with real, vegetable-tanned leather provides them a decent fragrance. These panniers are exceptionally unique because they can feature a “roll-up” design that allows us to roll the empty bags up and store them when not in use.  

 All these panniers are quite good, but their cost varies a lot, you can choose one from them according to your budget. But all of them are quite useful and handy as well.

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