Cycle Touring Shorts

Introduction to Cycle Touring Shorts

Cycle touring shorts

Although there aren’t many, the best racing shorts out there will be found in a cyclocross jersey, or a cyclocross shorts. They may look a little different from a road kit, but they use the same fabric – usually a quick dry fabric like Dyneema. The rise on a road kit is usually high, but the rise on a cyclocross jersey is usually more relaxed, if it’s high at all, so it’s a bit more comfortable to ride in.

What’s more, when you’re racing in both disciplines the road jersey will be typically a little more baggier, with more air flowing over the top, to prevent the fabrics riding inside the jersey as you push hard.

Some important hacks of selecting best cycle touring shorts

Stiff On The Downhills

When we say “cyclocross shorts” we don’t mean bib shorts. Cyclocross shorts are much thinner and more fitted, because we want to be able to clip in and out of our pedals with relative ease, in the mud and on the descents. Therefore, you’ll find that cyclocross shorts will be much tighter around the thighs, because of the need to fit the foot in, plus they’ll feature a lot of Lycra, rather than a mesh layer, so you can get a good idea of the air flow that will be coming down the legs, as you ride.


Wear your shorts as you would any cycling shorts, they will be designed to work in conjunction with your body, so you want them to suit. However, you do want to ensure that you ride in warm clothes if you’re thinking of wearing shorts.

All That Leather (and Hell)

If you want a premium pair of shorts, then these are for you. By buying a premium pair of cycling shorts, you’re really going to get quality when it comes to the materials. Carrying this on the road is one thing, but in the mud and on the descents, they’ll really come into their own. They’re still a little more expensive than budget shorts, but these are often much more durable. Also, they’re often a little longer – as we all know a slightly longer length helps with the visibility, too!

Some Basic Essentials you need to carry while Cycling
Sweat Pants
Long Sleeved Shirt
Rain Pants
Rain Jacket
Bike Shorts

Top 3 Best by all Cycle Touring Shorts are

Features of Cycle Touring Shorts

Protective foot protection – ‘Run’ protection is a must and the listed Cycle Touring Shorts come with protection for your feet. Running foot protection is incorporated into the knee and back pockets.

Pockets – As you cycle to and from the track the cycling shorts become your day bag, so the ProQuest Cycle Touring Shorts have two pockets to carry your necessities.

Convenient front pocket – Pocket 1 has the usual suspects; pen, lint roller, cash and the track-day essentials, sunglasses and helmet. Pocket 2 is more dedicated to the typical race day elements.

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How We Chose the Shorts

Most versions are tested by our staff, and the ones that have not been carefully selected based on their value, durability, quality, standout characteristics, relaxation, and the way the overall package meets the needs of their intended buyer.

Our team of testers collectively rides tens of thousand of miles a year on all manner of bikes and terrain.

Where To Buy?

Of course, all of these shorts will come with a pair of well-padded cycling shorts, but you’ll also need a pair of gaiters or knee guards, and a decent pair of waterproof boots. The waterproof boots will work great, but some cheaper shoes can get rather restrictive over time. It’s a good idea to avoid anything with a puffed sole that will turn into a Tyre crashes in the wet, and, of course, try a pair of knee pads before you commit to a pair of boots.

Final term on finest bike shorts for touring

You want your lasting memories of a bike tour to be about the places you’ve visited, the sights you saw, the experiences you had, and the people you met.

Go back through the record of bicycle shorts. Decide which ones are most suitable for you.

Have fun!

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